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Von Marco Merici 18.08.2012 um 04:33 Uhr | melden

I was born when THIS TIME I KNOW IS FOR REAL was one of the hottest songs on the charts all around the world, in spring 1989. Today I still feel very connected to that song, it makes me happy everytime I listen to it. Donna was a rare example of what DIVA means: not demanding, but giving, not full of herself, but humble and down-to-the heart, not shameless and stripping all the time, but full of dignity and class, even in the most difficult moments. She was an artist from "another place and time". A woman, a wife and a mother first, then an extremely gifted performer-songwriter-painter and actress. She has always kept it real: she was not "Hollywood", she was one of us. Her legacy will go on forever.

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